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These are some of my favorite cels. They may not all be of key scenes or have 81% of the cel filled with the characters eyes but I love to find whole set-ups. This is what animations all about; getting to to see how its all put together.

 Track photo

 MIlerna and Dridem

 Yukari & Amano

 Van and Hitomi

 Folken and Hitomi


 naria and hitomi

 van and hitomi

 kio & merlele

 folken...oh yeah hitomi too

 Folken & Hitomi

 folken & van

 chibi folken naria & eriya


 hitomi & yukari

 Dilandau gettingzapped by escaflowne

 hitomi enjoying some beverage

 back to farnelia

 allens crew

 hitomi, van, wolfmen

 milerna allen

 change of fate

 love triangle

 Allen & Hitomi

Curator: morganv
Gallery Created: 9/26/2001
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